Getting Started

In order to make your bot smarter and useful, you need it to interact with your backend systems and third party services.

We aimed to make our Webhook service hassle-free and give you maximum flexibility on feeding back responses and information.

Webhook Block

Inside look at Webhook Block

When you select "Do Webhook Call" as action type you are given bunch of options.

Waiting Message This message will be passed to user while we are doing a webhook call in background. In our home site we are using "I'm signing you up, please wait" as waiting message.

Error Message This messsage will only be passed to user if webhook call times out or it returns a malformed response. We will also send you an email to bot owner.

Call Type We support GET,POST,PUT,DELETE types.

Webhook URL This is where you put in target url. You can use any information via @sign. Like https:[email protected]&[email protected]

We will talk about authentication types and JSON structure in next posts.

Please note that webhook calls will time out in 5 minutes and error message will be passed on to user.