How to Create a REST API with Node.JS in 5 Minutes

NodeJSIn this tutorial we are going to explain how to create a RESTful API with Node.JS/Express framework which is connected to a MySQL or MongoDB in 5 minutes. After this tutorial you will be able to generate and download full source code of your own API also if you like you could deploy to your cloud server with a few clicks too.

You don’t have to write single line of code for this tutorial, you will be auto-generating and downloading all necessary backend source code with API Plug‘s web interface.

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Node.JS Docker Container Deployment

nodejs docker container in apiplugWith API Plug you can easily download your API as Docker containers instead of plain Node.JS source code.

Here is the how to deploy your Node.JS Docker container to your server.


Fast forward version

  • copy files to web server
  • adjust db credentials if needed
  • docker build -t [yourapi] .
  • docker run -d -p [yourport]:8080 [yourapi]

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